Tuesday Devotional: Nahum 1


Read Nahum 1bible

God’s love must be understood as active rather than passive.  It is not something that has been done, there for us to gather up like shards of glass or crumbs on the floor.  Rather, it is constantly occurring; it is present and it is ongoing.  And not must we view God’s love as active, being fed into your life at this very moment, but it is a love that has to be viewed as interactive.  Any true love must be reciprocated and engaged.  A love limited to flow in only one direction is not love at all.  This is service.  Yet while it is reciprocal. God’s love is not love shared between equals.  In order to fully comprehend the love of God we must understand our position in respect to his presence.  Love among equals is deserved and earned and meets on the same grade.  In receiving this love, we may be affected, but we are not often truly changed.

To be loved by an individual far greater than yourself, to be loved by God, is to be loved far beyond what you know you deserve.  In receiving this love we are confronted by a power that not only overwhelms us with abounding joy as recipients but gives us the opportunity and hope to pursue a path greater and more fruitful than our own.  Understanding the love of God is like trying to understand the vast difference between a pebble and a mountain.  There is no comparison.  One is great.  One is overlooked and insignificant.  Yet God, in all his greatness, sees us pebbles and does not reject us. Instead, he sacrifices his beloved son Jesus Christ for our insignificance.

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