Month: December 2017

Tuesday Devotional: Psalm 12


Read Psalm 12

It is so easy to be dishonest. It is a natural inclination of the heart that we are all born with and none of us has to learn. No one instructs us in the art of deception and dishonesty. This natural ability is only bolstered and developed by the world we live in. A world where it is often more acceptable to be dishonest than to proclaim hard truths. Truths that are potentially career, reputation or life-threatening. We are quick to justify lies and we are quick to argue the necessity of being dishonest in order to survive and thrive in the world we live in. Lies can often get us what we want. Lies can often tell us what we want to hear. However, the lies of men cannot endure as the truth of Jesus do. Where the words of Jesus survive the crucible and through fire are revealed to be more enduring and more beautiful, the lies of men are easily exposed and only reveal more damage and more destruction where there is no gain. The lies of men will be revealed. Repeat that true statement, “The lies of men will be revealed.” Dishonest gain will always be brought to the light. Repeat that true statement, “Dishonest gain will always be brought to the light.” In the Kingdom of King Jesus dishonest gain cannot hide and will ultimately be revealed. Do we know this? If so, why do we continue to pursue dishonest gain? To do so is to be counted amongst “the wicked” according to the living God. To do so is to live as an enemy and aggressor against the Gospel of Jesus. Is this where you choose to be?  I personally pray it is not. Truth will compromise your status in this world and it will often revoke your “honor.” Truth will often cause you to lose more than you gain. Truth will often create enemies in your life more than it will create friends and allies. However, truth is the language of God and it is the spring of living water that will always provide you what you need in all circumstances reminding you that you are loved and cared for by the God Most High. In the end we have the choice. We can choose to see dishonest gain as an affront to God and pray that Jesus save us from ourselves or we can look the other way and find contentment in lies. What will you choose?

Tuesday Devotional: Esther 3


Read Esther 3

The effect of sin is death. Sin preys on life and destroys. Sin never brings or gives life. It will always seek out life only to take it. In this way the sin within us longs to destroy us. Our natural and instinctual desire to sin will never enhance our life but slowly and unsuspectingly it will take it away. The sin within us will seek every opportunity to poison God’s good gifts from above transforming them into killers of others and killers of the self. The sin within us will look at the prospect of achievement and accomplishment only to create in us a ravenous craving for power. We love power. There is something liberating in power. We feel free. We feel as if the world has suddenly righted itself to its original design. The way it’s supposed to be. But friends, do not be so easily deceived. Does this freedom, liberation, peace you feel from obtaining a level of authority and power truly bring life or does it take it? With this power are you now seeking the fortune of others more than your own? Are you seeking opportunities to submit your life to humility? Are you seeking opportunities to serve? Are you seeking opportunities to give more of what you have to those that have nothing? Are you seeing your power as a privilege that can be taken away at any moment as opposed to a right that is rightfully yours for eternity? Sin was born out of the hunger for control. Therefore, the taste for power will always battle the spirit of Jesus within us that refers to Jesus as, Lord. It is impossible for a Christian to obtain power without dedicating it to Lord Jesus and not be destroyed by it. It is, however, possible that God will choose certain people to occupy certain positions of authority. However, those positions are no different than the positions that lack a certain level of authority. Both are investments in the Kingdom of God. Both are privileges gained by grace and grace alone. Both are gifts from above that create opportunities for thanksgiving, service, submission and evangelism. All power according to the Christian is the power of Christ. As a Christian there is power in Jesus but no power in the self. We die to ourselves and all that remains is an empty vessel filled with the Spirit of Jesus to bring glory to Jesus. Power will entice you. It will whisper to you. It will justify itself to you. Do not be so easily deceived! Flee from power and run to the cross. Power without Jesus is deadly. Power in Jesus is unstoppable and good. There is power in the name of Jesus.