Relational Christianity

(The following was taken from the introduction to the Relational Christianity Course booklet which can be downloaded on this page.)

What is the Relational Christianity Course?

Too often we Christians attempt to run before we can walk. We are quick to execute missions and achieve goals before we’ve assessed or addressed the health of our faith. The effectiveness of our Christian faith has a direct correlation to the health of specific relationships. These relationships collectively strengthen our faith, resulting in an effective Christianity able and ready to carry out the will of the Lord. By evaluating these specific relationships, we can successfully answer the following questions:

– Who is God and why do I need Him?

– Who is Jesus and and how does He affect my life?

– Am I a disciple and how do I make disciples?

– What is the Church and what is its purpose?

– What is the Bible and how do I read it?

Our relationships with God, Christ, People, the Church and the Bible are paramount to the health of our Christian faith. The Relational Christianity Course addresses these relationships by honestly revealing their strengths and insufficiencies, establishing the truth of God’s power and His desire to strengthen what is weak and heal what is broken.