The Presence of God : Ruth 1



Read Ruth 1

There is an unmistakable and often inexplicable attraction to the presence of the Lord. His presence is not manufactured or conjured. His presence is revealed, unparalleled and unrivaled. There is nothing quite like it and there never will be. We are created to know him and he is there to be known. His presence shakes you to the core. His power and authority terrifies you yet his mercy and love breaks your heart and brings you to tears. The presence of the Lord is not something experienced because of us but in spite of and through us. We don’t deserve to know him but by his grace and love for us, he continues to say, “I am here at the door. I continue to knock.” When people are drawn to the Lord, they are drawn to HIM. We are broken vessels that reveal his glory and power but always through our weakness and need for him. His greatness is not revealed to the world through our greatness. Rather, the presence of the Lord draws people because nothing is as sovereign, as merciful, as powerful or as real as Him. The presence of the Lord has the power to draw you away from anything and anyone causing you to lose all things to have him and him alone. The decision to respond to his calling is not grounded in a rationality that the world can understand, and so the world will often view your decision to lose everything to know Him alone as foolish, childish and even pathetic. However, when our eyes are opened to the experience of his presence and the promises of his word revealed in Jesus Christ there is no option to weigh the opposing side of the scale. There is only Him.  There is not other name but the name above all names.  Jesus.  People will ask, “Why would you choose to give everything up to follow God?” The answer to this question is not one that aims to explain or prove the existence of God. The answer to this question is a testimony coupled with an invitation. The answer to this question is, “Because He is the Lord Almighty. He has been calling me and I have finally heard. I am known by Him and He knows my name. He is my Lord and my God. There is no one like him. Do you know him?”


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