The Voice of God: Judges 6



Read Judges 6

The God of the Bible is a God that speaks. He engages with his creation and desires to do so. He does not hide nor is he passive. The God of the Bible is eternally connected to his creation because he loved it into creation and love is never lost in silence. Love demands expression. Love demands to be heard. In the same way that the deepest and most fulfilling human relationships are based off of positive and consistent communication, the relationship between God and his creation is no different. In our time of need and in times of desperation God is waiting for us to engage with him so he can engage with us. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Some might ask, “How can I hear him?” The Biblical response to this questions is, “What are you willing to give up in order to hear him?” One might say that the ability to hear the voice of the living God is free for all but it is not in its essence free. In order to hear the voice of God speaking truth and authority into our lives we must be willing to listen and therefore we must be willing to give him our undivided attention. Hearing costs. Hearing his voice does not come naturally to us. We must be facing him to see him speak. We must be listening intently in order to hear what he has to say. How can we hear God speak into your life if he is daily being drowned out by your voice or the voices of others instead? He is your God. He is your creator. He is your father. He knows. Why would a person be willing to sell his/her soul to have the world? Why would you be willing to walk nervously along the road of self-doubt/self-discovery when the God of creation is eagerly waiting to speak unshakable truth and life into his/her life? This rationale is not rational but it is natural for sinners like us. The living God is waiting at the door to speak to you! Sell everything to hear his voice. He is reaching out his hand to usher you into his presence where he will speak eternal truths into your life. Take his hand and hear his voice.

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