Tuesday Devotional: Philemon


Read Philemon

The Spirit of Jesus shines a heavenly light upon sin. Sin is revealed in the presence of the living God. The Spirit of Jesus in you will reveal your sins first and the sins of this broken world second. Our world is broken and you will see it. As God takes you deeper into a genuine faith in Jesus Christ you will undoubtedly see it more and more. You will see those around you spiritually walking themselves toward the edge of a cliff. You will see it. You will care. You will want to act. You will want to save them. But, you can’t. The love of Jesus will often restrain you. The love of Jesus will often reveal that there is little that you can do. You are not the Savior. You don’t know what he knows and you can’t do what he did. You yourself needed saving. You needed him on his terms. It was not by coercion or pressure that you experienced the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It was at a time when you were helpless and there was no one, but Jesus. Many wanted you saved before you were and perhaps many tried to intervene and open your eyes to the approaching cliff. But, you were blind until the living God opened your eyes by grace. For it was by grace you were saved. You yourself needed to see his presence. You needed to see his outstretched hand. You needed to reach out and grab ahold of his undeniable love. The Spirit of Jesus Christ lives on in the Church not by coercion but by grace. It lives on not by the works of man but by the miraculous revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven of God himself by God himself. God is able. He knows. Do you want to intervene? Do you want to act? Do you want to speak up? Pray, Pray, Pray. Wait, Pray and prepare to wait longer. Pray for your brother in need but pray that God would intervene. Don’t pray that their suffering end? Pray that they see Jesus. Pray that they hear his voice. Pray for discernment. And if the Holy Spirit is compelling you to speak, speak to your brother. But keep your head and search your heart. Avoid a discussion that revolves around the root and possible solutions to problems. How can the sick heal the sick or blind lead the blind? Desire a discussion that revolves around Jesus. Remember Jesus.   Remember his love. Let Jesus reveal the problem. Let Jesus reveal the conviction. Let Jesus reveal the solution. Love your brother and compel your brother to turn his eyes upon Jesus.


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