Tuesday Devotional: Titus 3:1-11


Read Titus 3:1-11

You did not always understand the power of the Gospel. You did not always believe in Jesus. You did not always carry yourself in a way that reflected the righteousness of the living God. There was a time when you neither worshipped nor glorified the living God. There was a time when you actively and persistently denied and opposed the living God. There was a time when you were “not in.” There was a time when you preferred being out. But, by grace you were saved. By the loving pursuit of the living God and by the death of Jesus you were brought back. Knowing this to be a trustworthy saying, what right do you have to position yourself on the judgment seat over those around you? What authority do you possess? What leads you to believe that you have anything over those that are presently exactly where you were? Love broke your chains. Love healed your wounds. Love brought you back to life. How can anything but love be your offering to those around you? Empathy in their alienation should drive you to pray for them as many surely prayed for you. You’ve been where they are. You were where they are. They are you and you are them. How can you believe anything else? Christ’s love breathed life into your dry bones and the same can be true for them. Are you not forever thankful and full of praise that you are alive in Jesus now? Want this for them! Pray this for them! Take no pleasure in their alienation and rejoice when they stand shoulder to shoulder with you having been lost but now perfectly and wonderfully found.

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