Mobile Word Podcast!



We are happy to announce the launch of our Mobile Word Podcast!  We are always seeking the Lord and asking Him how we can share our faith and our resources here at Mobile Word with all of you and we are excited to add this medium to our options for all people pursuing God online.

I will be uploading one or two episodes each week with the potential of more depending on the weekly schedule but the prayer is always for more in God’s timing.  The format will essentially be the experience of sitting down with me and going through the scriptures much like you would if we were in a Bible study together.  There is no over-arching plan or strategy concerning themes or topics when approaching the focus of each podcast.  I will sit down, pray and pick a scripture before recording the episode and walk through the scriptures with you.

However, the prayer as it relates to format is to have the podcast be as collaborative and interactive as possible.  The scriptures are so much more vivid and powerful when people come together seeking God’s presence as opposed to in seclusion and isolation.  We pray that the podcast and other resources here at Mobile Word fulfill a need of yours, whether it be for Bible teaching and exposition or daily reflections and devotionals relating to the scriptures.  But, we need you too!  Often the scriptures look beautiful through our own eyes but stunning when combined with the perspective and experience of someone else.

With that said, we would love to hear from you!  If you have a scripture you love or a scripture that you find difficult and need some help understanding, send us an email at and your scripture or question will be the launching pad for the next podcast.  You can find the podcast on our Mobile Word Podcast
tab or by clicking on the link below.

Once again, we are thrilled to start this new endeavor to better serve you in your pursuit of truth in Jesus Christ and we pray that the podcast alongside the other resources found here at Mobile Word lead you into a stronger faith in Jesus and a more confident understanding of the truth of the Gospel grounded in the Bible.  Be well and God bless.

In Christ,


Mobile Word Itunes Podcast

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