What is Mobile Word Ministry?

The purpose of Mobile Word is simply to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone who wants to hear it. No matter where, no matter how. Studying the Bible can be a scary and overwhelming prospect, especially for people who don’t know much about it, whether merely curious or seeking answers.

At Mobile Word Ministry we believe the word of God is alive, and we celebrate that truth. Where we have questions, God’s word always has answers.  More important than curriculum or pre-packaged ‘study questions’ are the real-time problems of people seeking truth.  We believe that God is faithful to respond when we ask, seek, and knock.  God equips his servants as he calls them, and all he demands in return is obedience.

Studying the Word of God in community is always an incredible revelation of grace. God can and does speak through every person willing to humble themselves to ask questions and search for answers. What we want to do on this site is create a space to allow that exploration of God’s word to continue. It doesn’t matter where you are from. It doesn’t matter what, if any, experience you have with church, inside or out. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never once picked up a Bible or led a Bible study before. The truth is that we all have questions, and Mobile Word Ministry believes confidently that it is God’s desire that we find answers to our questions and grow as a community in our understanding of him.

USE this site. Download materials for your personal study. Download materials for your groups or Bible studies. Email Nathan with any and all of your questions pertaining to your private reading and personal faith. Email Nathan with any and all of your questions on where to begin and where to go next. Watch the videos as Nathan does his best to address and answer your questions with the word of God. We grow more when we ask and we experience more when we move. Keep asking and keep moving.

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