Tuesday Devotional: Acts 8


bibleRead Acts 8:26-40

A relationship with Jesus is one of ongoing inquiry and curiosity.  We are repeatedly confronted with questions concerning his sacrifice, his teaching, his person.  Yet, it seems that for as many questions with comfortable solutions, more questions arise, and our search to know more continues.

The Christian’s pursuit of knowing does not arise out of a desire to arrive at a singular conclusion, thus completing our search.  Our pursuit is a result of looking upon something that we cannot look away from.  The glory of pursuing the living God is unlike anything we’ve ever known.  It surpasses what we know to be beautiful and forces us to redefine the word beautiful itself.  Love is redefined.  Peace is redefined.  Hope is redefined.  Victory is redefined.  You think you know, and you think you know, but then you realize that you will never fully know until you are with him, made like him in a place where there is nothing but him.

Protect and defend this childlike nature that persistently asks why and how.  We were designed to learn, but we were ultimately designed to learn about all things in order to increase our love for our creator.  To learn with any other motive or objective leaves us with information that we cannot take with us when we part from this world. Any knowledge but this will, over time, wither and fade just as the grass and the flowers of the fields.  Knowledge is of this world, but truth is eternal.  Open up the scriptures seeking to behold the glory of the Son.  Seek to know truth and the truth will set free: not because it is moral, virtuous or logical, but because truth itself is embodied in the physical manifestation of the living God in Jesus Christ himself.

Tuesday Devotional: Ephesians 1


Read Ephesians 1:3-23bible

Found within this passage, so laden with spiritual imagery and truth, is a rather simple concept.  In the description of the works and purposes of Jesus Christ, Paul shares his desire that we all “know [Christ] better.”  While the walk of every Christian is complicated by our natural, worldly resistance to the work of the Holy Spirit, the life and purpose of that Christian life is simple.  The Christian’s goal is not to achieve.  The Christian’s goal is simply to know.  Our life’s purpose should be to daily come into a greater understanding of Him, entirely focused and centered on the fact that we do not know him well enough, deep enough or close enough. We should approach each day with the understanding that there is always more we can learn about him.  Knowing him is not learning about what he is so much as knowing who he is.  As we better understand who he is and has always been, we ultimately come into a greater understanding of who we are, who we have been and who we become in communion with him.  The key to unlocking the greater mysteries of the Gospel in relation to our existence in this world and the promises of the next is in knowing God the Father.  When we know him intimately, the foundations of truth and love reveal a daily existence based on faith in something we will always and forever find strength in.  Knowing God is more than just knowledge.  Knowing God is experience with knowledge.  You can read every book on the face of the earth about how much God loves you and has given everything for you, but until you experience this love firsthand, these messages will hollow and easily forgotten.  Knowing God is being loved by him, and we never forget the feeling of being loved.  The feeling of being loved affects us at the deepest level of our being.  When we know God’s love we realize that he not only loves us now but has loved us from the beginning.  Knowing God becomes the rock that all else is built upon.  Knowing God becomes the power to move.  Knowing God is everything. Without it there is nothing.