Tuesday Devotional: 1 Thessalonians 5

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bibleRead 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

The end is coming.  The end will be sudden.  The end will usher in the justice of the Lord.  The end will be terrifying for many.  The end will usher in the creation of the New Heaven and the New Earth.  Regarding the end of all things, there is nothing else to be said of any importance now.  The present should be consumed with the following questions: Do you know Jesus?  Do you know him personally, intimately, and confidently?  Do you have unity and fellowship with him through your obedience to his word and his Gospel?  Do you proclaim the truth of Jesus in your daily life by the Fruit of his Spirit?

This is our life as Christians.  This life enables us to be focused on the task in front of us and not on the things that are unimportant and distract us from our calling.  The end will come suddenly; the life of the Christian should be so filled by the answers to the previous questions that there is no fear of the end and no doubt that eternal unity with God through the inheritance of Jesus Christ will be our portion.  Do everything you can NOW to make your election sure.  Ask these questions every day.  Know the answers and know that they place you assuredly on the side of Christ.  This is to be our life’s concern and work.  View everything else as a distraction and opposition to the life Christ has called you into.  Your daily bread should sustain you and overwhelm you each day that thoughts of things we cannot and should not claim to know fall by the wayside, leaving us ever focused on the true task at hand.  “Follow me.”  And follow him we shall.  Follow him, listen to him, love him and dedicate your daily life to these things.


Tuesday Devotional: Mark 13


Read Mark 13bible

Watch!  We are commanded to watch.  But what are we to watch?  Are we to watch and predict the timing of the end?  Are we to evaluate current events to gain insight into the timing of the end?  Are we to erect fortifications meant to protect the things we treasure in this world from the coming wrath and destruction associated with the end times?

No.  We are commanded to watch for other things.  We are commanded to be on our guard for those that make predictions and proclaim the end before it has been revealed by the living God.  We are commanded not to rely on our own strength and words to defend ourselves from the inevitable persecution we will encounter and endure as disciples of Jesus.  We are commanded to watch how we are trusting in the love of Jesus as we are cast out and abandoned by those closest to us, including our family.  We are commanded to guard against those coming in the name of Jesus who promote and glorify the miraculous works of their own hands and not the Christ.  We are commanded to watch out for the inevitable corruption and desolation of the House of God as the message of Jesus is replaced with a message of self-glorification.  Most importantly, we are to watch and pray that when the Son of Man comes like a thief in the night we are prepared to stand before the throne of the living God with sincerity of heart to declare our complete devotion to Jesus Christ and his commands to which we have submitted our entire lives.  Watch!