Tuesday Devotional: Isaiah 24


Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Read Isaiah 24

How can devastation be celebrated? The prophecies in scripture concerning the end times and the return of Jesus Christ are troubling. The imagery is troubling and the fact that they are to be believed as fact is troubling. Yet, the description of the end times is accompanied by celebration, praise and worship. To many of us this is either inconsistent or terribly insensitive. How can both of these realities coexist? The solution to this problem is the word, justice. The prophecy of the end of the earth as we know it is evil without context. In the same way that seeing a young child being forcefully told to go to their room as they cry and wail for pardon is a terrible scene to witness without the context. In order to understand the judgment of the living God in the return of Jesus you have to know Jesus. You cannot make your first step in exploring Christianity the book of Isaiah, chapter 24 and leave it at that. This is a moment, a declaration, a prophecy and in the absence of context you will undoubtedly be led astray by such an incomplete representation of the living God. Does God mean every word he speaks to us through the prophet Isaiah in chapter 24, absolutely! However, we are helplessly incapable of knowing Jesus as our Lord in Savior by limiting ourselves to the book of Isaiah, chapter 24. Have you done this? Has this been your approach to knowing Jesus? Seek to know Jesus. Observe his interactions with people. Listen to how he speaks to people, those who profess faith in him and those who do not. Spend time with Jesus. What you will find is that Jesus is not only good, and merciful but he is absolutely just. His actions are not hasty, flippant, oppressive or wicked. His actions are patient, thoughtful, forgiving and righteous. Proceeding from this place of understanding we are then better equipped to enter into a chapter such as Isaiah, chapter 24. Does God forecast the devastation that will fall upon the entire earth and for all people alike? Yes. Is the scene portrayed one of complete destruction and utter devastation? Yes. However, as God does not change his character like shifting shadows, is the God behind this prophecy the same God you met in Jesus of Nazareth? Yes and it has to! Seek to know Jesus and you will find the righteous judge that you can trust and celebrate.

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