Tuesday Devotional: Ecclesiastes 8



Read Ecclesiastes 8

Of all the things to know about the world we live in, very little of it will we ever know. We learn and we explore and our understanding grows but so do our questions. Discovery reveals more exploration and the cycle goes on and on. The only road of inquiry and exploration that does not prolong the cycle is the pursuit of the living God. In knowing and fearing God a person begins to uncover answers, solutions and truth. We will always learn more about God and we will always continue to seek wisdom by the power of the Holy Spirit to help us find peace in a world that is so wrought with mystery and inconsistency. However, with the relationship to the living God as our key we can know, we can have faith, we can have hope and we can live with confidence that our lives are being built atop a foundation that will not give way and crumble at a moments notice. Do you know God? Have you pursed him to understand truth concerning him? All else is meaningless. In knowing God a person can be perplexed by the ways of the world without being overcome by it. In knowing God a person can be shocked by the destructive nature of humanity without being surprised. In knowing God a person will know with certainty where they come from, where they are, where they are going and why the struggle in this world is what it is. The life of a Christian is one of ongoing discovery in the pursuit of wisdom. But this pursuit enters through the gate of Christ before taking any further steps. In Christ we will receive wisdom and that wisdom will bless us with peace that transcends understanding. The promise of Jesus is that we will always have what we need and in knowing God we will exist in this dark world as torch bearers of the light of Jesus. Just as the nature of darkness will continue to astonish us, so will the light of Jesus. In knowing God we can exist in this world but not of it. Not abandoning our place in this world while not being consumed by our existence in it either. To know God is to fear God and to fear God is to live with him in the peace that this world is not the end and we were created for something far greater and everlasting.

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