Patience: Exodus 32



Read Exodus 32

Sin desires to have you and the wages of sin is death. Sin pursues life as its prey and will go to great lengths to destroy it. Where you find life, you find sin crouching at the door. The lie of the enemy is to dismiss sin as understandable, justifiable and acceptable “human nature.” In fact, it is human nature. However, it is a human nature, a fallen nature, that MUST be changed. It is this human nature that must be forgiven, must be saved and must be born again in the image of the Son of God. The sin within us seeks to please the flesh and the flesh is impatient. The flesh has cravings and those cravings are agitated when left unsatisfied for too long. Without the presence of the Holy Spirit we are willing to destroy in order to satisfy. Without the presence of the Holy Spirit we are prepared to kill the living in order to live a life we deem worth living. It is not God that seeks to destroy life. It is sin and sin will control us if unopposed by the name of Jesus.

When we are not willing to wait we see sin alive in us. It is the unwillingness to wait that reveals are lack of faith in a sovereign God. It is in our unwillingness to wait that we see our lack of fulfillment in the name of Jesus. Patience is not simply controlling our impatient nature. Patience is a confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Patience is a product of the spirit of Jesus transforming us into his image. Patience is a witness to the world and those around us that the promises of Jesus are true. Promises that find their place in the real world with real people with real problems. Patience is unnatural and patience produced by human hands is unsustainable. We must be patient but we must never strive to become patient apart from Jesus. We must seek to become a believer, follower, disciple of Jesus. It is in gazing at the Son of Light that we are then filled with his light and begin to reflect his light into the world. This light is patience by impatient creatures in an ever-increasingly impatient world. How long must I wait? This question is natural but it is not justifiable if we are children of the living God. How can I worship? This is a question that deserves our attention and is worthy of the name of Jesus Christ. It is in these quiet and stationary moments that the Holy Spirit seeks to transform an impatient and restless mind into a sober, thankful child who finds peace in worship. The waiting has a purpose. The waiting is for our benefit. The waiting is necessary. The waiting is the grace of God who knows that we need to rest.

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