Tuesday Devotional (On Wednesday): Revelations 11:15-19


Read Revelations 11:15-19

The end of all things is the renewal of all things. The end of this world is the beginning of the Kingdom of the Lord. So why do we fear it? Why do we recoil from talking about it? Why are our conversations not framed by what is sure to come? If the end ushers in the Kingdom of the Lord and his Messiah we must understand what this means. In order to love and long for Christ’s return we must understand who “Christ” is. Jesus Christ fed those who had no homes and no food regardless of who they were. Jesus Christ reached out a hand of forgiveness and mercy to rescue a woman from public humiliation and death. Jesus Christ understood a father’s doubt that the impossible could become possible and proceeded to heal his son. Jesus Christ brought a young girl back to life with the sweet words of, “Sweetheart, get up.” Jesus Christ endured public abuse, torture and death for crimes he did not commit and said nothing to deliver himself from injustice. Jesus Christ is Lord and the end will be the beginning of a world ruled by him. Now do we understand the rejoicing? Now do we understand the praise? Our faith and the entire world is moving close and closer to the Kingdom of the Lord. However, to partake in this kingdom we must repent. We must acknowledge that Jesus IS Lord. We must trust that Jesus will be with us by the Holy Spirit and will achieve his good and perfect will in our broken and sinful lives. He is Lord and he is able. But never edit, sanitize or hide the end from those you love. Tell them the end is near but tell them the whole story. Tell them what this means. Tell them about our Lord. Tell them about King Jesus. Tell them that the end will be the renewal of all things and the beginning of his Kingdom. While many people are hesitant and often resistant to accepting Jesus as Lord, all people want a world ruled and governed by someone like him. He is the ideal. He is perfect and he is beautiful. This is our hope and this is our peace. Jesus come quickly.










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