Tuesday Devotional: 3 John 9-12


Read 3 John 9-12

Ephesians 4:29

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Do you recognize the impact of what you say? Do you choose your words wisely? Do you anticipate the far-reaching implications of what you bring to a conversation? The Spirit of Jesus creates in us a sensitivity to such things. We no longer speak with others with careless and haphazard abandon. We no longer approach conversation as a mere activity but a privileged and blessed opportunity. Conversation is not simply a transaction of words and sentences. Conversation is communication. What are you trying to communicate with the words you so carefully choose? Or, are you careful? In Jesus there is no option, we MUST be cautious and we MUST be careful. We must ask the Lord Jesus to not only transform our sinful heart but to provide us with a heavenly wisdom to guide and direct our words for building up and not tearing down. Is what you are about to say worth saying? Does it need to be said? What will it bring to the conversation at hand? Will it cause some to stumble unnecessarily? As we grow in Jesus this checklist will become more natural and less time-consuming. But perhaps it’s time-consuming nature is a good thing. Perhaps it’s best that we err on the side of silence and not noise. Listening does more to unite and talking does more divide. Err on the side of listening. Listen to others and listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Beware that the enemy does not use you as an instrument of his destruction. He will try. There is nothing the enemy desires more than division in the Church. His entire existence rests on this. A united Church is a strong and enduring Church. A strong and enduring Church is a listening and loving Church. Is unity a hallmark of your church, marriage, family, community group? In Jesus it MUST be. And if not, why? Ask this difficult question. Why does division reign in your life. Why are there more people prepared to avoid you as opposed to embrace you? Division is not always a result of poor and foolish word choice. However, poor and foolish word choice will always cause division. Seek unity and seek to speak unity through love into the lives of those around you. Don’t allow the devil a foothold and proactively address the spiritual illness before it becomes life threatening.

One thought on “Tuesday Devotional: 3 John 9-12

  1. Thanks Nathan. good word. I certainly have my share of “hoof in mouth” instances. As well, controlling my tongue around my family and especially my wife…oh so horribly guilty of spreading death. Thanks for the encouragement to not do so! I’m reminded that sometimes it is sometimes a matter of not what you say it but how, and as a result how it is received. Like you wrote, so critical to have good communication. -Stephen

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