Tuesday Devotional: 1 John 2:18-29


Read 1 John 2:18-29

The Christian life is obsessed with Jesus. There is no other name. There is no other gospel. There is no other authority. There is no other way. It is Jesus, all the time Jesus. Beware of people, churches, ministries, websites, artists that take any of the precious and holy glory that belongs to Jesus. The effectiveness of any ministry can be graded and assessed on how much or how little attention and credit is given to the name of Jesus above all other names. Are churches concerned about losing members to other churches? Yes. Why? If the person is better fit at another church in a different environment rejoice that they are being called to know Jesus more at all. Are non-profits and private ministries competing with other non-profits and private ministries? Why? The purpose of reaching out to people in the first place is to provide a bridge between them and Jesus. Rejoice that they have found the truth in Jesus anywhere even if that means that they found it somewhere else. Are conferences and denominations competing with the popularity and growth of other conferences and denominations? Yes. Why? Jesus isn’t about one conference or denomination. The gospel he brought into this world is about him. Anything created in this world is temporary except the relationship between Jesus and the believer. It is of no importance how that person came to believe in Jesus with whom or where. All of those points are secondary and irrelevant. Do they know Jesus? Are they getting to know Jesus? Pray that people know Jesus. God will provide for you. He is not taking anything from you. God will provide for your ministry. God will provide for your church. There might be seasons where there is less. Expect that. Welcome that. However, God will always provide exactly what you need. Too much praise for a particular ministry is too little praise for Jesus Christ. We are to hold ministries loosely with our grip on Jesus growing ever tighter with every passing day. Beware of people that tell you that you have to come to them to know Jesus. Beware of people that claim to have THE way. Beware of people that claim that they have an anointing that others lack. Get know Jesus. Experience his grace in your life. Trust in Jesus. Be anointed by the blessed anointing of becoming a beloved child of the living God in the name of Jesus. This is all you need and all you will ever need. Forsake worldly loyalties for an everlasting devotion to your savior, Jesus Christ.

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