Tuesday Devotional: James 1:1-18


Read James 1:1-18

Our aversion to pain, loss and sorrow creates in us a fear of suffering. We view suffering as a step back and not forward. We encounter suffering and we wish that it hadn’t interrupted our progress. We experience suffering and we second-guess our actions playing back in our minds any possible scenario where we might have avoided the suffering altogether. The lesson we often take away from a period of suffering is how we ought to avoid such an experience in the future. In some ways, our entire lives are built upon that premise. Avoid suffering, find happiness. Avoid suffering, find success. But do we really believe this? Have we truly convinced ourselves that a life void of suffering is the best for us. Not the most enjoyable, but the best for us. In fact, suffering refines us in a way that nothing else can. It reveals who you truly are. It reveals what this world truly is. And it reveals where are help truly comes from. Without suffering we live a numb existence. The question is not, how can we avoid suffering? The question is, how could we truly live without suffering? This world is full of suffering and although God did not create suffering and call it good, he remains sovereign over this world that contains so much of it. This world has suffering but praise be to the name of Jesus that he has overcome this world. Don’t run from suffering. Don’t fear suffering. Don’t clamor for ways to avoid the suffering. Embrace suffering and welcome the way God ordains and anoints it to reveal miracles in your life. Allow our heavenly Father to give you good gifts and to be with you. He is. And he does. There is nothing beyond his reach and outside of his sovereignty. Are you experiencing suffering at this very moment? I’m sorry and I pray that you are surrounded by Christ-like comforters and not miserable comforters who feel the need to teach you out of your suffering. However, I’m not sorry you’re experiencing suffering. Why? Because this means God is still so passionately involved in your life. He is teaching you. He is growing you. He is reaching out to you. He is calling for you. He is loving you. You are not numb, praise God! You feel. And this means that you are able to feel the embrace of your Father as you reach out to him in return. The Kingdom of Heaven in this world is supernatural and miraculous. Absent of suffering there is no need for an emergency call of supernatural rescue and salvation. In the presence of suffering we can be saved, we can be rescued, we can participate in the Kingdom of Heaven covering us with power and miraculous transformation and revelation. God is good and all he creates is good. Let him take your suffering and make it good.

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