Tuesday Devotional: Colossians 1

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bibleRead Colossians 1:21-29

We are so eager to spread the good news.  We love to share our testimony.  We enjoy praising the name of Jesus that we are so loved by our heavenly Father.  Why are we so fearful of admonishment?  Why do we rarely teach?  Why do we choose the course of least resistance at the cost of the lives of those we break bread with?  Why have we so numbed ourselves to the severity of the Gospel we proclaim that we choose to seek comfort and peace in this life while sending those in our care off into an eternity of pain and unrest?  Do we not believe in the promises?  Do we not believe in the warnings, the consequences, the costs?  The Gospel of Jesus is not there to make us happy.  It is there to change us.  It is there to transform us.  This implies that what we were and what we still are in many ways is not the ideal and is need of transformation and change.  Therefore, we need to change.   We must change.  To reject change and to reject transformation is to reject Jesus and reject the Gospel.  Worship songs mean nothing without change.  An inspiring message means nothing without change.  Any and all Christian activity done in the name of Jesus without change is meaningless.  There must be change.  We don’t live under the banner of Christ with the understanding that we are fine and all that remains are rejoicing and laughter.  The banner of Christ that hides our life in its shadow declares to us on a daily basis that we are sinners, we need to repent and change and we are not finished.  As a Christian you are still under the care of the physician.  Therefore, admonishment and teaching in the name of Jesus and with wisdom is not only a blessing but it is life-saving.  We need correction and admonishment when we stray from the light of Christ.  Admonishment in this scenario is true love.  Love that desires peace, unity and comfort at the cost of truth, life and unity with Christ is not love at all.  This is hate.  This has not real concern for the other person.  Be wise and careful how you teach and admonish.  Pray and pray again before doing so.  Have patience and be quick to pray and seek the Lord’s will before you do either.  But for Christ’s sake and the sake of those you love, teach, rebuke, admonish and love.

One thought on “Tuesday Devotional: Colossians 1

  1. You make a very good point. So much change is needed in my heart and life, sometimes it is scary to really take stalk. Thank Holy Spirit he is gentle and gracious. He recently brought me to repentance, correction and instruction ever so firmly but ever so lovingly over a fleshly pattern I had been choosing. He is good and like you so clearly communicate, he is good enough to not leave us as we are. Keep the messages coming! -Stephen

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