Tuesday Devotional: 1 Corinthians 6


bibleRead 1 Corinthians 6:1-11

“Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated?” (1 Cor.6:7-8)

 What do you think you deserve?  What do you think you’re entitled to?  What do you think people, society or the world owes you?  In knowing our sinfulness by claiming unity with Christ, how dare we Christians assume such self-importance.  Jesus warns us to count the cost of becoming a disciple and a Christian and part of that cost includes being wronged, cheated, persecuted and killed.  This is our lot.  This is our portion.

But in the end, this is not about you.  This is never about you.  This is about him and his name is Jesus.  You weren’t wronged, you were convicted and by the grace of God, forgiven.  He was wronged.  The only perfect man of all creation, the beloved son of the living God was wronged.  Your suffering is real and Jesus never taught that living in this world would be easy.  However, your suffering is not like his suffering.  It will never be like his suffering.  To know Jesus is to first identify with his death as payment of the debt and death you deserved and deserve.  He saved you.  Not because you were owed it or deserved it.  You are justifiably pronounced guilty and deserving of death without the blood of Jesus.  You are not owed anything except the just penalty for your daily sins.  However, thanks be to God for Jesus Christ.  It is because he was wronged, cheated, persecuted and murdered so that you never have to live as a slave to such things.

You will experience all that Jesus did but never to the extent he did.  Being wronged and cheated is not fun, easy or something that will ever lose its sting.  But in Jesus the sting will no longer feel like death.  In Jesus the sting of death has been overcome forever.  Have you been wronged?  Have you been cheated?  Look unto the Christ.  Turn your eyes upon Jesus.  Look unto his suffering and be united with him in the suffering that he took upon himself for you.  You have Jesus.  Nothing in this world is of any more worth than him and you can never lose him.  He is eternally yours and therefore in your time of suffering ask our Father to give you the faith that proudly proclaims that you will choose to lose ALL things in this world for the name of Jesus.

One thought on “Tuesday Devotional: 1 Corinthians 6

  1. Good thoughts on suffering. No matter what, we haven’t suffered as much as Jesus. May he give us not only grace to endure, but to endure with him and somehow “walk on water” in living above the circumstances…a supernatural thing.

    Last night I felt an indignation rise in me, that I would no longer be tossed by the “raging torrents” that are created by impossible situtions and inability to meet client expectations. Things that create great stress, which deals with emotions which then negatively effect other aspects of the business and life. Last night, I had in my spirit a sense of “no more”. I guess in this case the “suffering” is self induced in the sense that it is only because I care. I’m encouraged by Psalm 91 to take refuge in God in exchange for his peace. And to let him help me let go of things I hold onto…like client satisfaction, like accounts, like my own desire to serve well.

    Today held some victory in those regards and for that I praise God!

    I guess I’m trying to get out of this suffering which is not what the blog was encouraging, but I think I’m heading down the right track in my own situation.

    Blessing to you,

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