Let’s study the Bible!


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Mobile Word was created out of a passion we have for studying the Bible with people from all backgrounds and from all countries.  Most, if not all, of the resources we create and add to Mobile Word Ministry are aimed at equipping people with the tools and skills to study the Bible with people in their particular area today!  Alongside creating reflections, devotionals, and recording podcast episodes, we continue to study the Bible with people from all around the world.

We are adding a new feature to Mobile Word Ministry and it is designed to give you a glimpse into the world of doing a Bible study with us.  Currently we are engaged in a Bible study with people from the USA, the Philippines and South Korea.  We meet once a week on skype and we are going through the book of Jeremiah.  Before each meeting the members read the selected passage and identify difficult concepts, messages or vocabulary and then we use their interaction with the text to guide our Bible study meeting.  Allowing the members to address their needs enables the meeting time to be relevant to the needs of the members attending and it reminds us of our need for the Holy Spirit to guide the meeting in that the particular focus or topic of the meeting is not known prior to our skype appointment by the leader or the members.

After each meeting I create a very simple commentary to ensure that the major themes and concepts are made known to each member as they proceed to the next passage of study.  Too often Bible studies discuss a lot but don’t ensure understanding at all.  Our goal at Mobile Word Ministry is not only to show the information but to help people understand the information.

Enjoy walking through the book of Jeremiah with us and if you would like to schedule a Bible study with me on skype, send me a message at mobilewordministry@gmail.com.

Enjoy the word and God bless.




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