Tuesday Devotional: Zechariah 14


Read Zechariah 14bible

Our lives are constantly filled with the pressure to make decisions.  Sometimes these are relatively easy to make.  On the other hand, they may be nearly impossible to make, and we often put them off in hopes that one day we will not have to take a firm stand one way or another.  In those moments that we find it difficult to decide a direction, we are often paralyzed by the fear of making a bad choice.  We fear that a bad decision will result in our losing something precious.  We fear that a bad decision will result in suffering that possibly could have been avoided.  At the heart of hard decisions is fear.  The irony of that matter is that the fear of making the “wrong” decision pales in comparison to the fear that we ought to have of our prolonged indecisiveness.  We develop a notion that making no decision is making a safe decision.  On the contrary, making no decision is the most dangerous and self-destructive position to take.  We think that committing to a “non-position” in the middle of two difficult ones will keep us safe from the consequences of either.  This is a man-made delusion. Merely a coping mechanism and nothing more.  A non-position is in fact a position.  It is simply a position that refuses to label itself as such.

In the case of the gospel of Christ, the message of salvation carries with its hopeful and promising news a warning to those who refuse to respond to the message of the Lord.  The easiest thing to do is to casually dismiss the gospel and occupy a position of indifference.  Without actually reading the gospel, this choice can be defended.  Upon reading the gospel, this choice self-destructs.  The gospel is not casual.  It is deadly serious.  A “non-position” in the face of the gospel has the same qualities as complete defiance to the message of Jesus Christ.  A “non-position” indulges in ignorance, the weakest of all positions on any given issue.  In facing consequences for any important issue, the “non-position” will be given the least sympathy and understanding.  In fact, the “non-position” is the position to be pitied the most.  The message of Jesus Christ in regards to salvation and his future return is both a serious promise and a serious warning.  By maintaining a casual stance in the presence of a serious message, one adopts a position of irresponsible defiance, just for the sake of holding onto a “non-position” that has absolutely nothing to offer, and will lead to losing everything.

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