Tuesday Devotional: Amos 3


bibleRead Amos 3

“Ignorance is bliss.”  Why?  Pleading ignorance allows us to be free of responsibility and consequence.  Being free of these things allows us to escape two things that daily burden us, allowing for happiness in the “now,” not regret in the “then” or fear of the “later.”

Perhaps ignorance can provide freedom of a kind. However, the faith of a believer in ignorance is futile.  The truth is, none of us can be truly ignorant of the responsibilities or consequences that rest at our feet every morning.  We were created to think and we were created to know.  By using the mind God has given each of us, we can find wisdom, and wisdom promises to never mislead.  Pleading ignorance essentially negates what makes each of us so wonderfully made.  It is a resignation to think, a forfeiture of the grace and understanding of others when a mistake or transgression is made.

But the grace and love of God for the people he made has not yet run out.  While his patience has been tested and stretched to limits unfathomable to our minds, and his rebukes have stunned and stung, his grace still remains and his promise to wait still persists.  It is not the easiest task, to listen to others.  It is not the easiest task to change behavior at the insistence of others.  It is not the easiest task to think before acting.  But to be human is to think, and to think is the first step in truly functioning as we were made to. From this sacred and holy ground, bliss is knowing that ignorance is never an option.

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