Thursday Reflection Series: Previews and Promises



The relationship between the moviegoer and the movie preview is a complicated one. It’s bittersweet, it’s a double-edged sword, it’s pros and cons, et cetera. On the one side, we appreciate the previews because by them we stay hooked into the world of movies and entertainment. By watching the previews we are updated to the latest and greatest in cinematic brilliance and keep our interest in movies consistently high. On the other hand, the movie preview is something we’d often rather do without. The sole motivation that brings most of us to the movie theater in the first place is to watch the feature film, not just a preview. It is for the feature that we blocked out 3 hours in our schedule and paid such a high price for our tickets.  We know that in order to stay excited and in tune with the latest movies, we must see the previews.  Therefore, we humbly accept the preview as more something to be endured than enjoyed, but they have a job to do. Previews are made to achieve three primary goals. They should:

  •  Display the best aspects and moments
  • Make radically confident claims
  • Leave us wanting more

Over the next several weeks, we will reflect on how a good movie preview connects to what we know and what we can hope for about Heaven. Join us every Thursday to learn more.

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