I attended most of Nathan’s Bible studies and was a member of his house church. Bible study with Nathan is very different and so much fun. In Korea God has trained him to be able to see Jesus in all over the Bible and he helps people how to live based on the Word. So whoever needs help please send emails to Nathan. It will change your life like it changed mine!

So Young
Daegu, South Korea


Much time has passed since I started to study bible with Nate every Saturday morning.  Before I met God through Nate, I considered God as a father who was stern and hard to please.  I was just happy that I kept my duty to go to church every Sunday.  Now I feel my God not only in the church but also in my daily life thanks to Nate’s coaching methods.  In other words, he has done the same for new glasses with which I could wake up to look into the details of Lord’s love.

Daegu, South Korea


I have known Nathan Pagaard since he first came to Korea in 2010.  Through his Bible studies, many people became excited about reading God’s word. This included not only bible-reading Christians, but also those who rarely read their bible and as well as non-believers who had never picked up a bible before. In these bible studies people were faced with what the bible says, whether it felt comfortable or not. These studies were open-discussion times filled with questions about both the meaning of the bible and its application to life that Nathan would take time to explain. In the years during house church I watched Nathan grow as a leader and a preacher.  He truly cares for other people and wants all people to have a relationship with God, or a deeper one than they already have. He also displays strength, patience, and humility by being changed by the word.

Philadelphia, USA


When you think of Bible Study, you will automatically imagine stuffy, musty and old fashioned atmosphere. On the contrary, the time we did our Bible Study was freedom itself.  Every member was unreserved, confidential and candid on his or her thinking and attitude.  So it was possible to pose any baffling question (that might be prohibited in other religious institution).  Our Bible Study has vitality and liveliness. The words we hear or express in the Study are based on everybody’s real past experience. It is moving and thrilling

Sung kee
Daegu, South Korea


I was blessed to have my brother in Christ help me with interpreting the Bible. I was lost, but through studying the Bible (I’ll admit not as much as I would like to), I have been pointed in the right direction. Nathan told me to turn right and go forward. I have been wanting the word of God more and more. Nathan has helped me understand all the parables and stories so I could relate to them in my everyday life. I thank God for allowing me to have Nathan in my life and I thank him for introducing me to Mobile Word Ministry. It is changing my new Christian life!

San Diego, USA


I was going through a hard time, but Nathan encouraged me to meet Jesus, who was the only hope, which I have never experienced.   All of the house church members were quite new to Christianity. So we had lots of questions and doubts but he was never frustrated or judged us. Wherever there were people that needed bible study, he would go and help them meet Jesus.  Although there were many people who had negative opinions of Jesus and the Bible, he didn’t give up preaching the gospel to them.

Justine Kwon
Halifax, Canada


During these Bible studies I experienced Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is alive and powerful.  It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow.  It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.”  Even though I met my Lord, Jesus 20 years ago and have worshipped Him since then, I didn’t feel free from the law.  I often tried to do something for Jesus by myself and was disappointed.  But through the Bible study I realized the real freedom in Jesus Christ.  Whenever I focus on only Jesus, Jesus always works for me already.

Myung Chan
Daegu, South Korea



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