Bible Steps


The purpose of Bible Steps is to encourage readers (new or experienced) of the Bible to approach the Bible not as a library of different books, but as a seamless and focused narrative written for us. The Bible Steps program is divided into Courses , each with sixty-six Steps. Each Step consists of a Scripture and short devotional response to the particular scripture for each book of the Bible. The goal in using the Bible Steps program is to walk through the Bible in its entirety, whether individually or with a group, and gain a well-rounded understanding of the interconnectivity of the whole Bible.

Whether using the Bible Steps program for personal reading or group study, we recommend limiting the focus to 1-2 Scriptures at a time. The program is designed to walk through the word of God, not to run! We hope that Bible Steps helps users to see the value and importance of every book of the Bible both separately and as each contributes to the strength of the overarching Biblical narrative.

If you have any questions before, during or after your experience with the program contact Nathan directly at

Download Course One:

Bible Steps Course One

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