The Bible

“The Bible is difficult.”

There is no getting around it, the Bible is the center of the Christian faith and always will be. Knowing the Bible and what it says it at the heart of knowing who God is and subsequently who Jesus is. While non-Christians are told to read the Bible in order to learn about God, Christians are likewise instructed to read the Bible in order to follow God.

The unfortunate nature of this good advice is that the Bible is not an easy book to approach. It is long, foreign, long and…….long. This finds most people enthusiastically starting their Read through the Bible in a Year plan in Genesis only to find themselves not going much further than Leviticus before giving up entirely and thus never seeing God in the context of the Gospel and never seeing Jesus in the context of Creation.

Mobile Word Ministry is excited to provide resources and advice on taking on the challenge of knowing the Bible so that what once seemed like an impossible undertaking slowly becomes an enjoyable, fruitful and foundational aspect of their daily lives. To know God we MUST know what the Bible says and we believe that together we can come to know what it says and enjoy the process of knowing it.