What is “A.S.K.?”

A.S.K (Ask, Seek, Knock) is a movement to emphasize the necessity of the word of God in the church and establish a global network of disciples pursuing God in scripture through the teaching and worshipping of God’s word found in the Bible.

What is the “ASK Guide?”

Often Bible studies feel aimless and without focus or direction.  The ASK Guide focuses the Bible study immediately on Jesus Christ and moves the Bible study along systematically addressing Jesus, the primary lessons of a passage, our personal reflection and finally group edification and growth.

On this page you you can also download our Weekly Guide and Leader Guide to use for your own A.S.K group!

Feedback or Questions?

If you are using the ASK Guide we would love to hear your thoughts.  Also, if you have any questions concerning the formate or usage of the ASK Guide please contact us at mobilewordministry@gmail.com and Nathan would be more than happy to address your questions personally.

A.S.K Leader Guide PDF

A.S.K. Weekly Guide PDF


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