“Christianity is confusing.”

“I’m a Christian.” “I believe in Christianity.” We hear these statements all the time. However, what does it truly mean to be a Christian. We often find that what one Christian thinks can vary completely with what another Christian thinks concerning a particular issue. While there are many things that allow for a certain degree of interpretation, there is also a consensus to be found when it relates to foundational beliefs of the Christian faith.

We at Mobile Word Ministry would like to help you understand Christian beliefs better so that what once seemed confusing and perhaps inexplicable can become understandable and simple to explain to others. If we don’t understand what we believe as Christians how can we expect to explain our beliefs to someone who doesn’t. Not having answers to difficult questions is ok but never asking the questions that present obstacle to your faith in Jesus is a tragedy.

If you have topics or issues that you have a difficult time understanding or explaining, please feel free to contact us and we will add your submission to our page. There’s a good chance that someone else has the same question.

*All topics can be downloaded as a PDF file at the bottom of each page by clicking on the link.