Who is Nathan?

15311040_10100348500419952_2128153428_oNathan is an Ordained Minister, Independent Missionary and founder of Mobile Word Ministry.  In September 2015, Nathan was officially ordained as an Ordained Minister in the Independent Assemblies of God International. Nathan married his wife Colleen in January of 2014, and they spent their first year of marriage just outside Daegu in Gyeongsan, South Korea. Both Nathan and Colleen hope that the ministerial experiences God has blessed them with in Korea will fuel their efforts to strengthen the faith of those already saved by Jesus and fill the hearts of those yet to experience the healing touch of Jesus through Mobile Word Ministry. Nathan and Colleen have moved back to the United States and are currently in Washington State, seeking the Lord’s direction for their future.

Nathan Pagaard was born in San Diego, California, and with his family (an older sister and the world’s best parents) traveled and lived in Europe and Asia before moving to the Seattle area. Nathan earned a BA in History from the University of Washington and then an MS in Education from Old Dominion University. After getting his MS, he moved to South Korea, where he has spent the last 4 years teaching ESL at the Elementary and Middle School levels. Over the past four years, ministry has filled Nathan’s time outside of teaching. While in Korea, Nathan has led over 600 Bible studies with both Korean and non-Korean members from a diverse variety of ages and backgrounds, Christian and non-Christian. Aside from the weekly Bible studies, Nathan led a house church from his apartment between the years of 2010-2013, during which time he wrote and self-published his book, Reflections and Connections: Volume One. The experience provided by these various pastoral responsibilities has led Nathan to begin writing the second volume for the Reflections and Connections series, as well as a book on prayer, a daily devotional and a book on Christians basics. In 2011, Nathan traveled to Mazatlan, Mexico as a mission staff member for New Life Church in Silverdale, Washington. In Mazatlan he worked at the Camp de Futbol, a soccer camp for underprivileged children to enjoy the game of soccer free of charge as well as learn about the message of Jesus and the Gospel.  Between February and April 2015 Nathan served as interim preacher at Sungduk Presbyerian Church’s English service, Grace English Service. He led weekly Bible studies, a Sunday night English Bible study at Segyero Presbyterian Church and many other Bible studies in Daeug, South Korea and via Skype internationally.

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